Partnering with us for this innovation

We are currently looking for a partner to validate our 4.0 system starting in September 2019. If your team is interested to join this venture with Research and Data analysis to help schools and teachers reaching a better work environment and work conditions that allow them to take their sick days while supporting an innovative learning experience for the students, we invite you to submit your proposal. 

Our 4.0 project will be sent to the Ministry of Economy and Innovation in Quebec and we are interested to collaborate with other provinces that deals with simular issues related to the shortage of qualified substitutes.

During Phase 1, we are planning to reach Quebec schools and also French language schools in Ontario with our 60 interactive lessons for their interactive board (10 lessons per grade). 


We are extending our invitation to French school boards in Ontario and other provinces that would like to get our virtual system in place for the beginning of the next school year (2019-2020) or any schools interested to reach us for further developments during the Pilot Project. If you are a principal interested by this innovation and would like to manifest your interest, we invite you to reach us by email at or at (418)960-3422, ask for Caroline Lajoie-Jempson, our president.