Caroline Lajoie-Jempson founded Éducaro to meet the needs of francophones in minority communities. With a solid background in education (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education and Master of Education), she develops the character of an aunt who travels the regions to support the Francophonie by narrating her original stories.


In 2003, Éducaro is an Ontario-based registered company dedicated to promoting French through Aunt Caroline's story-telling shows, educational tools and literacy workshops for parents, educators and contributors in education.


Gradually, the first years are devoted to establishing the credibility of Aunt Caroline as a pedagogue artist. Éducaro presents more than 850 shows mainly in Outaouais and Ontario. In 2006, the company obtained a grant from Canadian Heritage through the "Parents Partenaires en éducation" organization to produce a DVD promoting the choice of French-language education in a minority setting. Ten thousand (10 000) copies were distributed across Ontario; this project launched the company into audio-visual production. Éducaro even received an award (AVA Awards) for the educational quality of the DVD. As the production of educational tools from Aunt Caroline's presentations becomes more important, a series of 5 CDs were produced and distributed by the APCM.


Amongst Éducaro's clients, we see School Boards, Libraries and Museums such as the Canadian Museum of Civilization and other well known organizations like the TD Reading Club, the CPE network in Outaouais, Parents Partenaires en éducation, the Ontario Early Years Center. We count many Performing halls in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Newfoundland as steadfast clients.


In 2007, Éducaro became Éducaro Inc., incorporated to obtain a grant from Canadian Heritage for a national tour called "Des ailes et des racines" (Wings and Roots.). This large-scale project included shows aimed at bringing French and French immersion schools closer together.  Unfortunately it did not take place due to lack of funding.


In 2009, "Tante Caroline raconte l'automne" CD wins the Best Young Audience Album Award at the Trille Gold Awards Gala. But despite this prestigious award, the company must reposition itself and heads to Quebec, specifically the Côte-Nord région. From 2009 to 2012, Éducaro continues to offer Aunt Caroline's storytelling while contemplating other avenues for the company. In 2013, Éducaro enters a partnership with CogecoTV and the Port of Sept-Îles to produce a TV show aimed at discovering the riches of the St. Lawrence River - Les matelots de Tante Caro, also available on DVD.


Since 2016, Éducaro has maintained its operations and diversified by offering its services to the First Nations (Tshakapesh Institute) while continuing its storytelling activities with Aunt Caroline. In 2018, after going through a difficult personal challenge, the president of the company began the expansion phase of her business. Projects that have been in the making for over fifteen years will finally be passed on and shared amongst teams in twelve administrative regions of Quebec as of September 2019.  The company will also hire a team of professionals to offer First Nations and Ontario school boards a wider range of service offerings.

Company's History