Our clients are schools, Boards of Education, school boards, First Nations organizations, Non-for profit organization in Education and Educational Programs in various cities. Here is a short list of some of our good clients in Quebec and Ontario mostly since 2007 :

City of Sept-Iles

City of Baie-Comeau

City of Ottawa

TD Reading Club libraries, Toronto, Ontario 

Centres de la petite enfance en Outaouais (20 clients)

Centres de la petite enfance sur la Côte-Nord Sous le bon toit

Commission scolaire de l'Estuaire, Baie-Comeau, QC

Commission scolaire du Fer, Sept-Iles, Qc

Commission scolaire des Milles-Iles, St-Eustache, Québec

Conseil scolaire des écoles publiques de l'est ontarien (CEPEO)

Conseil scolaire catholiques du Centre-Est, Ottawa, Ontario

Conseil scolaire des écoles publiques de Sudbury

Greater Sudbury Libraries, Ontario

Institut Tshakapesh, Uashat (Sept-Iles), QC

ITUM (Innu Takuaikan Uashat mak Mani-utenam), Uashat (Sept-Iles), QC

Newfoundland Libraries, NFL

Ontario Early Years Centres, Smiths Falls, Ontario

Ottawa-Carleton School Board, Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa Public Libraries, Ottawa, Ontario

Parents Partenaires en Éducation, Ottawa, Ontario

Regroupements des CPE de la Côte-Nord

Saskatchewan Libraries

Upper Canada School Board





Our achievements with our First Nations lients are varied and include research, training of staff, observations of the environment and concrete solutions implemented in schools to encourage, among other things, the motivation to learn.

Here are some of Éducaro's achievements:

  • Johnny Pilot and Tshishteshinu Schools Reading Marathon
  • Parenting Workshops in Innu Community Schools served by the Tshakapesh Institute
  • Training of resource persons for "Agir tôt"
  • Training in reading animation for library technicians
  • Animation of stories for primary school students
  • Reading Corner layout plan for ITUM schools
  • Writing annual reports for improving reading in elementary and secondary schools and early literacy
  • Design end-of-year writing assessments at the high school level (Secondary 4 - equivalent to grade 11)
  • Participation in the corrections of Ministerial examinations at the elementary and secondary levels