Éducaro 4.0 is a Virtual Platform to help school principals and teachers with the shortage of qualified French substitute teachers needed to replace their allowed 6 to 10 sick days per school year. 

The goal of our system is to improve the work conditions of teachers and relieve stress of principals  while giving an opportunity to share teaching and learning strategies to improve the quality of the student experience. Far from thinking about replacing the well needed teachers, this system is to help with class management through the use of Innovative video lessons. Either the principal or teacher could plan and choose on a ''Netflix'' style platform for their Interactive Board. The idea is to transform the substitute shortage problem into a learning opportunity at the lowest cost possible. 


Our experience producing interactive storytelling animations and educational material defines Educaro 4.0 system. French School Boards would have access to 60 lessons in French (10 per grades (1 to 6) for the first phase in 2019-2020. We are already planning to deserve FSL shortage issues on the second phase of our innovation (2020-2021) with an additional 60 capsules.

Phase 1 (2019-2020): Français langue d'enseignement primaire 60 capsules (10 leçons - 1ère à la 6ème année)


if your schools are interested to share their interest, please communicate with our team of experts.



Éducaro 4.0