Éducaro offers turnkey services for different types of organizations: school boards, libraries, museums, parent groups, early childhood centers and education groups.

Since 2007, Éducaro has carved out a place for itself in the Canadian Francophonie and with the First Nations. In 2019, our expansion of our services leads us through a new phase of development to help schools managing the shortage of their qualified staff. With our previous experience, we are reading to embark on this new venture and innovate with our virtual system, Educaro 4.0 has its own section on our website. 


Our services are linked to various programs that our founder Caroline Lajoie-Jempson (B.Ed, M.A.) was developing and presenting to our clients. Here are some of them :

Educational program

Design of programs that promote specific educational objectives based on the needs of the clientele. Needs analysis and instructional design depends on the needs of the clients. Éducaro's expertise is mainly at the preschool, elementary and teacher training levels. For example: Early childhood education program for family child care settings in Ontario. Kindergarten to Grade 6 educational program from Museum exhibit (Prince of Wales Museum in Yellowknife, NWT). 


Literacy and storytelling program

Design of programs promoting reading skills, oral and written communication adapted to the needs of the clientele. Addressing education professionals, teachers, day care educators, management, parents, libraries, etc. Literacy programs can be initiatives of early childhood organizations or target audiences. For example: Literacy program for mothers-girls (Early Years Center Ontario Early Years Center Smiths Falls). Parents' Conference (Parenting Partners in Education 101 Tips for Motivating Your Youth to Read). 


Since 2006, Éducaro has been offering annual programming to CPEs, schools, and libraries who wish to promote reading through interactive story telling activities aimed at developing literacy skills in young children.

To date, three (3) annual storytelling programs for preschool and elementary first cycle comprising of ten stories presented from September to June during the school year have been offered to libraries on the North Shore of Quebec and Ontario but also in most of the provinces in Canada during the TD Summer Reading Clubs since 2004.  


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